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New York State Legislative Bill Tracker
The New York World is following important bills under consideration in the New York State Senate and Assembly during the 2013 legislative session, which runs through the end of June. We've identified key measures in the categories below, that have support in both houses of the legislature and address significant public-interest issues. Just click on an icon to see what we're following.

With each bill, we have provided a description of the proposed law and why it matters. You'll also find latest actions, co-sponsors, links to the bills' full text, and our reporters' stories and updates throughout the session. Find out how we put this bill tracker together, with MinnPost and ProPublica.

We'll be adding new bills as they emerge or advance. Please send your ideas and feedback to nyworld@thenewyworkworld.com.
Sources: The New York State Legislative Bill Tracker was built in cooperation with the data teams at MinnPost and ProPublica. MinnPost: Alan Palazzolo; ProPublica: Scott Klein, Jeremy B. Merrill; New York World: Mike Sullivan, Beth Morrissey, Maura R. O'Connor, Curtis Skinner. Data provided by New York World reporters and the New York State Legislature via the Open States API. Code, techniques, and some data on Github.

Some icons provided by The Noun Project. GayMarriage by MaurizioFusillo; Education by Thibault Geffroy; Time by Richard de Vos; Sustainable Energy by Benjamin Orlovski