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The Mayoral Matrix
With 10 major-party candidates weighing in on a slew of issues, we're here to sort out who stands for what in the hotly contested race for New York City mayor.

Choose a question from the menu below to find out the stance of each candidate. Further up in the grid signifies they've responded more positively to a question in a public forum, such as a debate, news clip or campaign website. And, the further right on the grid, the more clear their position is. Click on a head to see what each candidate said.
Note: Any quotes not sourced come directly from the New York World reporting

Interactive by Mike Sullivan. Reporting by Nathaniel Herz, Alyssa Katz, Allison Maier, Sebastien Malo, Beth Morrissey, Maura R. O'Connor, Gianna Palmer, Curtis Skinner