Summons City
This map shows the top 15 categories of "pink slip" summons sent to the city's criminal courts by each precinct of the New York City Police Department during 2011 — nearly 380,000 in all. About 30,000 cases heard in community justice centers in Brooklyn and Manhattan are shown in red and are not broken down by category.

Use the menu at the top left of the map to choose the summons type to view. (Community court cases can only be seen under the "total" view.) In the past, only about half of summonses issued have been substantiated in court. Mott Haven in the Bronx led the city with more than 13,000 summonses. Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, had the most stops for open containers of alcohol and bike riding on sidewalks. For purposes of this map, we've combined multiple similar violations of Public Law 240.20 under the heading "disorderly conduct." See related article and explanation of how we found and used the data, parts 1 and 2. This map was initially posted on September 5, 2012, and updated one month later to incorporate additional data.
*Category includes: Obstructing Traffic, Threatening Behavior, Public Inconvenience, Refusal to Comply and Unreasonable Noise
Source: Criminal Court of the City of New York, 2010 U.S. Census | Download data
Interactive by Mike Sullivan