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Know Where it Grows
The sources of New York City's fruits and vegetables

The Hunts Point Terminal Produce Market pulls in 210 million packages of food a year, from all over the world — about 60 percent of all the fruits and vegetables that come into New York City. Each weekday morning, market reporters from the U.S. Department of Agriculture survey the market's wholesalers to learn what they've stocked, where it comes from and how much it costs; on any given day, eight in ten of them report. From the market, that produce is distributed to grocery stores, restaurants and other food retailers throughout the region.

Enter a type of produce into the box below to choose an item to view, and click on a highlighted state or country of origin to see the average wholesale price in the market of that item in the most recent past week. Or click on another season to see averages for the previous three seasons. Read related article.

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Note: About 80 percent of vendors at Hunts Point Terminal Market report to the USDA. Package weight based on USDA Market Guide approximations. Prices do not account for variety, grade or size of a commodity.
Source: USDA Market News
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