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Proposed New York
Senate districts

The proposed district lines for the New York State Senate issued by the Legislative Task Force on Redistricting show systematic disparities in population size between upstate and downstate areas. Districts in New York City have more people than districts upstate, effectively diminishing the voting power of city residents. This regional discrepancy is crucial to Republicans' efforts to preserve their narrow control of the Senate. Under federal law, districts are allowed to be no more than 5 percent smaller or larger or smaller than the average. Read Article.

Deviation from ideal district size of 307,356:

Ideal district size
Note: Darker red means less populated than the ideal, or average, district size. If you live in these districts, your vote counts more on average than districts colored blue and vice versa.
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Michael Keller and Sasha Chavkin
Sources: LATFOR, District lines drawn by Center for Urban Research, CUNY, from LATFOR block lists
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